Food production increasingly requires the use of technology and innovation in agriculture and livestock.

Technology transfer through an extensive training and capacity building program is the fastest and most effective way to absorb knowledge, promote innovation and, consequently, increase the quality and productivity of food.


Promote the increase of productivity of the Nigerian agricultural sector, through the diffusion of state-of-the-art technologies, derived from international partnerships with worldwide renowned institutions.


To realize the lost glory of Agriculture and its imperative importance in the sustenance of the Nigerian People.



About Us

Agricultural Innovation Center (AIC) is a fully indigenous limited liability Agro-Allied company registered in 2010 with RC. No 874307. The company was incorporated to be a center of world excellence in the transfer of agricultural technology, through the dissemination of best practices.

The areas of expertise include capacity building and service provides for livestock and food processing activities, such as, crop and livestock production, agricultural produce processing, animal feed production (poultry, cattle, lamb etc), agricultural and livestock Inputs and all activities related to the agricultural sector and as provided by its registered Memorandum and Articles of Association.

We are driven by our core philosophy of supporting enterprises which work by based on the understanding of the interconnection between the environment, livestock and people.

AIC - Our main goal is to transfer agricultural technology with excelence

We have a team of dedicated professionals who provide coaching and mentoring in agri-businesses for young entrepreneurs and new generation of farmers. Currently, we own a major commercial integrated farm on a 111 hectares land in Abuja. In addition to running our own farm, we also provide numerous agro-allied business enterprises and corporate farms with cutting edge professional consultancy services across the nation. We provide them technical and business services across the value chain based on the latest agro-management skills and build their capacities to acquire the techniques for global competitiveness.

With investment and developmental focus on “people, crops, livestock and environment”, AIC prides itself in its ability to proffer practical, effective and efficient solutions and strategies for sustainable and profitable organizational growth, societal development and livelihood improvements that lead sustainable poverty reduction through a harmonious and effective utilization of nature’s endowments and technology to drive social change. In addition to commercial farming and agro-produce processing, AIC also train youths and women on entrepreneurship in general and livestock based vocational enterprise development specifically, thereby building local capacities in sustainable and profitable fish, poultry and livestock farming ventures as well as in crop production, processing and marketing of agro-produce. 

The company is run on the most modern business strategy, where each unit is operated as a profit centre and appraised on monthly and quarterly basis for productivity assessment and profit performance. This really attributed to the recent modest successes achieved by the company. Based on the success achieved in the short period, the company was able to attract several professionals to come on board for the planned expansion/integration. Our major strength is our highly trained technical staff base, led by a board and management team with over 150 years cumulative corporate management experience. Currently the company boasts both local and expatriate staff. It has a permanent staff made up of about 75% graduate personnel and professionals in fields of agricultural science, environmental science, veterinary medicine, accounting/finance, marketing, and engineering and information technology.

AIC - Partnered with CIITTA Brazil

AIC has also partnership wiht the CIITTA BrazilThe International Center for Innovation and Transfer of Agricultural and Livestock Technology, who has close partnership with important Brazilian institutions for the international diffusion of best agricultural practices, such as EMBRAPA (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation), EPAMIG (Agricultural Research Corporation of Minas Gerais), ABCZ (Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders), FAZU ( Associated Colleges of Uberaba) and UNIUBE (University of Uberaba).

CIITTA is responsible for the best Brazilian agricultural and livestock practice dissemination, including not only production activities, but also the introduction of hybrid seeds of better productivity, production of agricultural inputs, bovine genetics to increase the production of meat, milk and its derivatives among others.

Our Clients

Apart from running our own farms, which are models upon which we develop our Agro production clients business, we also have procurement, products support and management and consultancy businesses making up our clientele base. Our clientele base, therefore, cuts across various sectors of the economy, ranging from private to public partnership organizations. Some our esteemed customers include:


 iCenter for Integrated Development and Environment demonstration farm

Kyauta Fish & Livestock Farms

Nasarawa State

iUzair Livestock Farms


Vetcare Services Limited


Mac-Acee Veterinary Services


Jocarl Investment Limited

Rivers State

Vetworld Services


Kings Guards Nigeria Limited


Elmond Veterinery Services, Kubwa


Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Livestock


Services & Business Lines

AIC’s Nucleus and Out-grower Programme aims to provide a constant and reliable source of livelihood for the families in Kwali, the local government area of our primary operation, strengthen their earning power and improve the standard of living of the inhabitants of the surrounding areas through skill transfer of modern farming techniques. The project also has a secondary goal of stabilizing raw material sourcing for the oil seed processing and fortification units of AIC through backward integration.

AIC Horticulture

AIC currently has more than a hundred hectares of arable land and in its bid to maximize the use of its investments, it has dedicated 10 hectares to kick start the Greenhouse project with the intention to expand to 20 hectares in the next three years.

Beside the green house plan, AIC is currently preparing five (5) hectares for open field irrigation. This is to plant tomatoes, peppers, watermelon and vegetables. This has reached an advanced stage of preparation. The nursery beds have been prepared and seeds planted, the drip irrigation system in place while direct plant (sweet corn and watermelon) is ongoing and continuous.

AIC Poultry

When fully operational, AIC’s poultry line will consist of a best-fit standard intensive broiler production farm and meat processing factory as well as a best-fit standard intensive Layer farm for laying birds. The latter component of the project will target table egg production in profitably sustainable way using the latest layers production equipment from the best poultry equipment vendors in the world. The equipment will cover colony layers house, egg collection and grading, automatic feeding and waste disposal system to keep the best hygiene egg production.

Having facilitated the end to end project execution of one of the largest and technologically advanced breeder farms in West Africa, we are poised to replicate same in our company. We were instrumental in its entire development from start to finish. We also secured its 6-year franchise rights from Babolna Tetra Group of Hungary and Centurion Poultry Inc. of USA. This allows her a six-monthly access to fresh Grand Parent Stock from these globally renowned poultry breeding companies.

Oil Seed Processing

AIC plays in the oil seeds processing link in the agriculture value chain. The company is already equipped comfortably to do so as it currently processes soybean (using the Insta-Pro 2000 express machine manufactured from the USA) to produce soybean meal and crude soy oil which it sells to various off-takers.

Food Fortification

AIC’s Food Fortification line of business is conceived as a large scale intervention to make complementary, fortified foods in the form of sorghum soya blend (SSB) and corn (maize) soya blend (CSB), widely accessible to the most vulnerable and lowest income segments of the Nigerian population, especially the malnourished (stunted children (0-1000 days), IDPs and the elderly.

AIC Consultancy

We provide farms with the latest Agro-management skills in aspects of technical services that cover variety of areas spanning livestock production, produce value-chain approach, farm design, establishment and management, feed mill design, raw material supply, capacity building and agro-business innovation/integration techniques for global competitiveness.

At AIC Academy, we declare to be the foremost Agriculture Learning and Development Hub, bridging the gap between the theory and practice of agriculture in Nigeria.

Our courses, workshops, seminars and awareness sessions are carefully designed to cover four key principles that have been consistently proven to enhance learning effectiveness and transfer in any setting. These principles are anchored on the community of practice model developed by Etin Wenger.

Contact Us

Operations Office
Agricultural Innovation Center,
Kwali Area Council,
Phone: (234) 0905 180 5643